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Centre For Industrial Rheology & Viscosity Testing

Here at the Centre for Industrial Rheology we provide rheology and viscosity testing, practical training courses and expert advice in the field of rheology, viscosity, powder flow and texture analysis. Our customers include many of the world's largest manufacturers and we work in industries as diverse as cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, foods, electronic materials, medical devices and coatings. 

Rheology, Texture and Viscosity Testing Services

We have an extensive breadth and depth of experience of the measurement of rheological and viscosity properties of a huge variety of materials ranging from solutions, suspensions and emulsions to slurries, waxes, pastes and set gels.  Our combination of world class rheometers and viscometers and a multitude of accessories means we can quantify the flow properties of the most difficult of samples.

Powder Flow Testing

A recent addition to our capabilities is powder flow analysis using a rotary shear cell instrument, the Brookfield PFT.  This enables us to characterize flow functions, wall friction and time-consolidation and predict rat-holing and arching dimensions for hopper design. 

Rheology Training Courses

Our popular Practical Rheology course and our viscometer training course: Good Viscosity Testing can be attended at our site as a public course or alternatively can be provided in-house with a bespoke agenda targeted to a customer’s specific needs and skill levels

Test Method and Instrument Purchase Recommendations
Rheology can be a difficult subject which is often looked upon as something of a black art.  This need not be the case and when we provide our rheology consulting services - be it instrument buying recommendations or test method development - we take great care to explain the key concepts and interpret testing results in the plainest of language with jargon and maths kept to a minimum.

Our Clients Include...

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